BUG: Interval suddenly dropped by more than half when viewing and sweeping away notification shade

I’m not 100% certain the notification shade was involved but this was what happened:

  1. I was riding erg mode intervals and was doing a 10 minute lap of 200+ watts
  2. I pulled down the notification shade to read
  3. After a few minutes (but with 5 minutes left in the lap) I swiped away the notification shade
  4. Immediately, the erg mode dropped the trainer down to about 80 watts
  5. I quickly hit the + button and it went back up and above my target wattage (so I then hit - and it recovered)

I will send you a link in a direct message to the workout.

I was using a Tacx Neo and a Samsung Tab 9+ (with 12GB RAM)

Oh you are using Android… You should see if you can duplicate this. If so with Android it’s usually very easy to fix these issues. This is a strange one. I can send you a test workout also.

If you have a good test workout, you can send that and I’ll try it out. Thanks!