Bug regarding TrainingPeaks 3-step editor (FIXED)

I started today’s workout, but 1/3 of the way through, I noticed the workout was incorrect. It was missing a segment. I emailed support@trainerday.com about it.

Let me know what I need to supply.

It was a 3 step interval. The first 2 steps were there, but not the 3rd. It then went on to the next block.

Hi Holland, I responded to email but let’s continue here. Now I think I understand better. Can you send me the link to the workout?

Here’s part of the workout, I exported as MRC. I emailed you the whole workout. This, of course, is not how TrainingPeaks looks, but is just the MRC workout. All the sections at 175% are missing. I don’t know what format the TrainingPeaks workout of the day is exported to TrainerDay. It can’t be a simple MRC file, as that would be impossible to get wrong.

DESCRIPTION = Over-Unders 5 x 4 minutes
FILE NAME = 2021-04-15.mrc
0 50
5 50
5 71
30 71
30 130
30.5 130
30.5 92
33.5 92
33.5 175
34 175
34 54
38 54
38 130
38.5 130
38.5 92
41.5 92
41.5 175
42 175

The TrainingPeaks construct is a 3-step interval. The 3rd step of each interval is skipped and drops right into the rest portion.

Here is what it looks like in TD and here is what it looks like in TP. They both look exactly the same to me and I see the 175% sections. Am I confused? :slight_smile:

Not for me

On TrainingPeaks

Edit: Also note TrainerDay says 88m, the workout is 90m.

Edit2: This happened on 2 devices. Cubot KingKong Mini2, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Latest apps from both stores.

That’s strange. I just uploaded your MRC file to TrainerDay, pushed to TP, and opened it in our app and it looks perfect to me.

This is not a TrainerDay created workout. It’s a native TrainingPeaks training plan.

So, create the 3-step interval on TrainingPeaks and import as workout of the day.

Yep, I just did a test workout with one 3-step, and it’s missing the 3rd step.

Oh yes I see this is a problem with the 3-step editor in TP (I just tried it and got the same). Not sure if this is our problem or theirs. Probably ours. We will need to research this. If you really like this 3-step editor you can download MRC upload to TD, and push to TP. Only takes about 30-seconds but I realize not ideal. Either that our use our editor :slight_smile: I will post an update here when we find the solution.

Yeah, I think it’s TrainerDay. It imported to TrainerRoad correctly, where I loaded up to finish the workout.

I would like to, but this is a training plan I purchased. :slight_smile:

Ok yes if it works correctly in TR it is our bug. So for a few days maybe you can download / upload and we should be able to get this resolved asap.

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Secondly this might be fixed today… so just hold on a bit :slight_smile:

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Fixed. You might need to restart the app and hit refresh.

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