Bug with auto-extend? and/or skip segment in HR mode

I’m afraid there’s a bug introduced in version 4.2.2 on Android.

Check this workout
Trainer Day - Activity Detail

After 1 hour of HR based training, it does auto extend for 5 minutes. But as you can see : the power drops totally. I started playing around with the settings (moving to ERG, changing the target HR). As you can see, I got the “target” back up. But : at the next extension to 5 minutes, all power dropped again. Something is wrong here I’m afraid …

I’m afraid there’s another bug with this version. Check out this workout
Trainer Day - Activity Detail

Around 12:20 into the session, I added an ERG based block. When I did that in the previous version, nothing happened, the ERG block was added at the end. I know I had to “manually” switch to ERG when the time was there. What happened now is, the power dropped as soon as the ERG block was added (around 12:24). It actually dropped to the ERG level active at the time. It look like the app tried to “automatically” move to ERG as soon as I added the block.

The first one, might be a new bug that fixed something else… We will look at this, thanks.

That other one I think is some really random bug that happened before, we can’t figure out how to repeat it but your steps look like something.

Happy to be the debugger :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
there must be something to it, because after increasing the +10s interval, the power suddenly decreased, which was reflected in the cadence. Link below:
Trainer Day - Activity Detail

Did you link to the wrong workout? Or maybe I am blind or not as sensitive as you :slight_smile: If you see a 1w drop it feels way, way easier :slight_smile: Obviously I am joking but this seems ok in general.

So you should show me the second workout that you merged with the first one. If it has “ERG” as the type of the first segment it will auto switch. But I think you are talking about something else. See below, these will auto switch from ERG to HR and back.

That looks like the wrong chart :
Trainer Day - Activity Detail

forget about the “weird” thing in the middle, that we me.
the problem is at the 60min mark.

Is this for the first bug ?

I am pretty sure we know what this bug is. This is a bug that has been there since the beginning!!! :slight_smile: Just a flaw in logic. Hard to explain but this is these bugs as well as something I experienced and so did another users. But we could never identify it. Pretty sure we got it. I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Sorry, not this was from @conti 's link. Yours is more obvious and now we think we have it.

Not wanting to go off track, but when you say you “added an ERG block” mid workout, is that opening another workout and merging it? I haven’t tried that yet, and it sounds useful.

You can definitely do that. Mid workout you can merge in any other workout. You can create groups of blocks to create workouts on the fly. I was not clearly understanding what he meant though.

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Besides the HR based mode, this is another incredible feature of the app. I’m no longer doing “pre-structured” work-outs. Boring :slight_smile: I"m starting with a rough idea what I want to do and I adjust according to the mood (ok, and the feeling). An example : after a warmup in Z2, I do a 20 minutes sweet spot training, using HR. I take a couple of minutes of rest and do a HIIT ERG based interval block (or 2). I finish with another 10 minutes of SST and do a cooldown.

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I love dynamic training!!! So cool, this is how I think people should train.