Bug with Auto-Extend?

I used 1.8.42 on iOS beta version with Testflight, i choosed a 30 min endurance classics. At the ending i push up to 115% and it was extended automatically, passed a few seconds maybe then i went to Library and added the same 30 min endurance classics to the workout with Ride now and then target power was about 450 watts. I could decrease only to 75% and i just started feeling bad i have to push that 450 watts for 5 minutes then i realised i can jump to next interval ( never really used this button :smiley: ) then i could continue the 30 min endurance classics with original watts and 115%.

So extended part has some bug when other WO added or increasing to 115% was the problem?

See attachment

Looks easy :slight_smile:

Yes Auto-extend automatically takes the average of the last interval you were doing and extends at that rate… It’s unfortunate if you happen to be at 115%. Yes next button is your savior. So this is the correct beavior. Does that answer your question?

Not really, 115% of the target not of my FTP :smiley: target was about 107 watt i pushed to 115% about 140 watt ( last interval was 147 watt i checked it on Strava) so it should be extended about 140 right? And i think it was. Jump up to 450 watt was after i added the workout again.

Oh I see, you are correct that sounds like a bug… We will look at that, I was looking more at the visual and thinking it was extending something that was already big (and strange). Thanks for the clarification. Should be easy to fix.

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We duplicated this no problem so easy to fix

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