BUG: Workout had trainer at higher wattage than target


  • Tax Neo 1
  • Samsung Tab S9+
  • Android 14
  • TrainerDay 4.6.7

The following occurred (was an ERG mode workout):

  1. Started workout of the day from Training Peaks
  2. The wattage for the warmup interval was stuck at 25-30% higher wattage than it should have been
  3. Exited out (hit the back arrow in the app)
  4. Tapped the button to again do the workout
  5. A pop-up asked if I wanted to merge the workouts or delete the first
  6. Selected to delete the first workout
  7. Upon starting the workout, it again was stuck around 25-30% too high
  8. Tried to pedal really fast to maybe reset the ERG, but it didn’t work
  9. Clicked down arrow to drop wattage manually, which appeared to reset it
  10. Clicked up arrow and it was fine from there

I’ll message you privately with a link to the workout

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Thanks so much for the details and the workout. In this case I know exactly what is going on.

We made a change to improve a bunch of devices and ultimately it will improve most devices, regarding connectivity and a few other things but we knew there was a risk of stuff like this. It seems some specific devices such as your Neo 1 need some special extra code. Temporarily you should be able to press slope and back to ERG to resolve it. If you could start the workout wait 3 seconds and then press slope and ERG and let me know that would help.

It would be the ultimate if you were willing to work with my developer directly. Regardless We will get a fix in place soon.

Thanks, yes I am willing to work directly with your developer. Let me know what I need to do and I’m happy to help.

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Was the hotfix update for this?

No sorry this was a long Easter weekend. Do you also have this problem? If so which trainer are you using?

Ok, I contacted tacx guy to move this forward. I believe we seriously improved our bluetooth code here but there are are a few side effects of this. Hopefully once we resolve these we don’t need to touch this any more.