Cadence/Power dropouts - iOS and Neo2T (FIXED, available Nov 10th)

I’ve been running version 2.4.8 of the app on both my iPhone and an iPad and I’m noting frequent and oddly regular cadence and power dropouts on screen and in the resulting data.
iPad Air 2 is running 14.4.1 and the iPhone 11 is running 15.0.2

It’s ocurring in both ERG and slope mode. I’m paired via BT to just my Wahoo HR strap and the Neo2T trainer, which is on the latest firmware. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing in Trainingpeaks.

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 7.46.56 PM|690x178

Strange, I have not tested 2T in a while let me try it but we have other 2T users that have not said anything. I will try to do this today but if not it will have to be early next week.

Ok I should have tested before saying anything… I have the same issue. Since we can reproduce it, it should be easy to fix. Every time we fix one device it can cause issues on another one because so many of them work slightly different in BLE. Interestingly usually Android has more BLE problems than iOS but Android works fine.

Thanks for the quick reply and confirmation Alex. I’m glad to know it’s not just me (for once)

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Additional data point - Using a Stages crank arm the same trainer, and “power match” enabled resulted in 0 dropouts.

Yes, it’s a strange bug. It appears Stages SB20 bike also has RPM dropouts only. I think this is all related but not sure what it is yet. I am testing it in about 1 hour with my developer so maybe it will help.

Fixed. Will be ready tomorrow.

Just saw this. Cool!

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Downloaded and ran the new software last night and tonight, once with an open workout and once downloading a workout from TP. The power dropouts are gone, but the regular cadence dropouts are still occurring.

Oh sorry to hear that. I just did 5-10 minutes of testing on my 2T and it seemed to be gone but I will test again.

Very strange, just tested again and it is immediately obvious the RPM dropouts are still there.

Of the two items, I’d rather have the RPM drop out and have the power data be correct, so… :smiley:

Good approach but let’s shoot for both working correctly :blush:

Ok, really, really this 0 RPM bug should now be fixed in version 2.5.4 today… :slight_smile: It fully works on correctly on my 2T.

Woo. Will get it downloaded and give it a shot tomorrow after stuffing myself with turkey :slight_smile:

Forgot to let you know that everything is good. Working as expected!

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