Cadence question from power meter but not power

Hi. Loving the app, I was looking for a simple erg mode app to do my TrainingPeaks structured workouts and this is working lovely with all the integrations n’ that.

My question is about cadence.

I have a Kickr v5 which looks to be pretty rubbish at guessing cadence. I know I can just buy a Bluetooth cadence sensor but I have a quarq AXS dzero power meter and wondered if I could used just the cadence from it and not power data. I don’t want to match power data. I added the quarq in the app and didn’t enable match power but it looks like it was taking power from the quarq and not the kickr because even though I had erg mode enabled it was not working in erg mode. Is this possible?

cheers, Chris

Thanks and interesting request. You are right we always prioritize power from PM. This is the first request for this so not likely to be implemented any time soon but I will consider it.

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I’d like to +1 this so its not just the first request anymore :smiley: Both TrainerRoad and Zwift have the option to use an integrated powermeter just for the cadence and I would like to do so in TrainerDay too :slight_smile:

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