Calendar Changes - Please add other sports

Love TD, but the calendar for me is a little limited, it’s great for planning your cycling training but falls short for my fitness plans

I’d really like to be able to add, that I do yoga AND that it repeats every 2 days, I do core on a Monday and Friday and that repeats every week, and every 2 weeks, I do a Zwift race every other week (and that repeats)

I know that I can add annotations, but you can set them to do the above repeats, and you can’t move them about (if my plans change for the coming week)

It would just help, as a planning tool

Yes, multi-sport is high on our list of requirements. Repeating events is a very interesting idea. Kind of like how google does it. I like this :slight_smile:


Can you tell me what you would like to see regarding yoga? Definitly sport types and icon or something indicating what the sport is and possibly duration as well as title. A notes field directly inside the workout like most calenar apps have?

For me, Icon and Title (Yoga) would be enough, duration would be nice, but (for example) I would use “Long Run” / “Short Run”, if duration wasn’t available

I might use it, but it wouldn’t be the highest priority for me

A completed flag might be nice

For me the big thing would be the Repeats (sorry to go on about it) would be the biggest help, just being able to say , every 2 days yoga, every two week Zwift race, every friday core e.t.c, would be super helpful, and why I can’t use annotations to achieve the same

Different colours to different sports would be nice as well

That’s perfect. I like this repeats idea too because I have not seen it in a training planner. I like to build features that solves problems in different ways. I really would do it like google calendar. But I don’t think they have repeat every X days so that would be additional. I also like the idea of not always sticking to weekly microcycles.

If we can add in calendar swim and run (for triathlete plan) it’s perfect !

Yes for sure. What do you need to see for swim and run. We really want to keep them simple for now. Actually we are supporting Vasa SwimErg now but we need “normal water swim.” I really want to have a minimum number of fields but target duration and/or target distance would be fine for example.

Just want add my other activity (swin, run, fitness) on the TD calender (where is my training plan) to have global TSS and Hours of activity per week

Yes, I hasn’t thought of that, but some sort of “predicted”, even if I type it in TSS would be nice

First WO with TD today ! I’ve made a plan by “coach jack” for winter prep’

Just after a little ride … :

@Alex some other French User ? I’ve a little YT Channel, maybe i made a video after some week i’ve using TD, no problem to share my trainning ?

Does the google method of repeating events work for you? WIthout the time, just the sport type, day and duration for example and repeating schedule? Also why don’t you use google calendar for this?

That would work perfectly, for me it’s just about conveniance, I have yoga and strenth training e.t.c in google, plan workouts in yours, and then look at the results of those two in intervals, one calendar to rule them all would just be so nice, especially when it comes to re-planning your week

It’s the one thing that TR does really well, but paying $20 for that feature is a bit wasteful

It’s almost easier to do with pen and paper at the moment TBH

Does TR have repeating events? I never used their calendar much.

Yes, works pretty much the google one, defaults are week/month, but you can go to custom and do every x days, or weeks, pretty much like the google one. Anything you add to the calender can be repeated, apart from notes

You can also drag one workout from the “repeat ones” to another day and it gives you the option to edit this one only or all the series, which is handy. You can allocate TSS but it doesn’t upload or match the workout from Strava (I think the do runs now, but not sure)

Ok this task is completed

It’s pretty straight foward but here is a 1-minute video showing how it works.

We can add more sports if anyone wants something specific.


Sorry I did not respond to this. Yes please share!!! You can even share your channel and the video here telling peple that speack French to go watch it :slight_smile:

Nice , thank you, makes the the calendar do much better for looking at my week, thanks for doing this

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