Can TrainerDay app control "smart trainer" resistance?

Just a quick (and maybe silly…) question…
I’m interested in this app, but after reading the website and forums I still don’t know something mandatory to me:
Can I control the resistance (slope simulation) of my smart trainer throught this app?

And another question related: If I upload a GPX files, the app can use the slope of the GPX track uploaded to modify the resistance of my trainer?

Thanks in advance (…and sorry for my not perfect english… is not my main lenguage…)

Welcome Berto, and I would say more than 70% of our users are not native English speakers so you are not alone :slight_smile:

Your English is fine and the answer is yes and yes. You need to change the setting in the app from resistance mode to slope mode.

And yes if you upload GPX it will convert to slopes but you will also see previous watts you did too so you can decide to if you want to try to hit the same targets but really watts target and slope are not related. Meaning you can have low watts going uphill or high watts going uphill. Without visual stimulation like Zwift, RTG or sometihng automatic slope mode is a different experience in our app than those.

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I’ll try your app today!
Thanks @Alex !



I haven’t gone through the “upload GPX, convert to slope” process yet. When that’s done, and turned into a workout, is the slope displayed to the user as the primary visual cue across the bottom of the screen? The Tacx App did this and I really liked it for doing longer “free rides” on the trainer, even if I wasn’t doing full motion video.

No but I really want to do this. Just show a elevation profile over the top of the chart. This would make it much more useful (and cool) assuming that is what you meant. We just show slope % at the bottom and it changes automatically. We should have that before next winter but have a bunch of other stuff to get done first.