Can you add ability to extend current interval? (Done)

I definitely think a +5/10/15/30 would be awesome. I would probably use it as I progress in this TTE work, if the coaching is working, lol.

Full disclosure here, I don’t really understand how slope-mode works.

I have some equipment limitations as well that might be complicating this. I have a Cycleops 1st gen Hammer trainer. I usually use my CX bike on the trainer and the XT RD hits the case so I don’t get the full cassette range and it’s a 1x bike. My gravel bike is currently missing a shifter so that is working as 1x as well, lol. But those are my problems, not yours.

I made this a new thread. Here is what I am planning


If you set your default setting to be 10s, then you could press 10s 3 times and have 30 seconds for example. Or you could just change your default extension value to 30seconds :slight_smile:


This should be ready soon

We are not adding more settings for this. Instead a short press will extend for 10 seconds in this example, but a long press will give a popup that allows you to select a different value for extending and it will always extend based on the last value you selected.

If it is paused or not started and you do a long press, it will just change the default without extending the current segement.

As you can see we are moving slope mode from the settings to here. This makes experimentation easier and gives more clarity.

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Thank you so much for this. It’s been so hot this summer in Texas and doing this work on the trainer with your app makes it tolerable.

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Yes depressingly, I realized global warming and a bad economy are likely good for TrainerDay. At we are happy to be a bright spot in this but prefer it if people can train outdoors with excess money…

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Ok this feature is available now. If you hold the button down (long press) you can change the default duration of extension. Thanks for requesting this. I like it.

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Thanks dude, super appreciated.

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