Change activity type, date-stamp activity

When I do a stationary-bike workout in TD, it is assigned the activity type “Biking.” It would be helpful if instead it had the activity type “indoor cycling” (I think that’s the standard nomenclature) for categorizing my erg workouts & equipment separately from my outdoor rides.

Also, I export my workouts to iCloud when I finish. By default, these have the name of the workout (eg “4 x 8 @ 105”). Because I do the same workout multiple times, this means the newest workout will overwrite the last one. It would be helpful to add a date stamp (eg “221227”) to the end of the workout name to avoid this. I don’t think I’d need a time stamp, since I am unlikely to do the same workout twice in one day. It would be extra-cool if I could set up that export to happen automatically when the workout ends.

Hi, I assume you mean sport in Strava?

I know additional technologies is not ideal but why not use Dropbox? Let me think but we should be able to add date to file name.

The files synced to DB already have date and time in the filename :wink:

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  • I don’t use Strava, but I do keep copies of my workout files elsewhere, RunGap for one. RunGap can associate equipment with workout type, which is nice for keeping track of usage, but associates “biking” with my road bike.
  • Not to go on a tirade about Dropbox, but it’s just one more thing to manage, its desktop app is a pig, and iCloud generally does what I need.

I’m talking about file exports. Files are exported with the workout name, not the date. Exporting two files with the same name will overwrite the older one. I repeat workouts, so this becomes a problem.

Desktop is a pig. I agree with that, although it may have improved as I don’t notice it anymore but also minimizing the files I have there. We just are small and try to limit stuff that is iOS or Android only when possible. Apple Watch and Ant+ are the two exceptions now. But yes download filename seems possible. Are you doing web or iOS download?

Web has speed and distance and we are adding new follow your own route feature but theses are web only. More Strava feature so not likely your interest.

@adamrice: Interesting. I didn’t know, that you can export the workouts directly from the app to iCloud. And you are right, these exports have no date and time.
But I’ll continue to use DB, because then it uploads automatically to

@Alex: Runalyze also recognises the TD workouts as outdoor rides and not indoor rides. Maybe changing the activity type could help here also.

Are you doing web or iOS download?

When I finish a workout (using the iPad app), I select the finished activity, tap “Share,” use the share sheet to “save to files,” and tap the target directory. Four taps total. So the export workflow is quick and easy, apart from the fact that I need to remember to append a date stamp to the file name. I totally understand not wanting to develop too many platform-specific features.

Yep cool. I can add the date to the list. I guess that makes it way better and reasonable compromise :slight_smile:

I will also work on this cycling vs indoor. Make sense. Funny this is the first time anyone mentioned it. I obviously never paid any attention.

I noticed you got the date-stamp working on the latest update. I appreciate it.

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