Choose name of merged workouts

When you merge workouts, the completed workout is saved with the name of the last workout. So if you start with a warmup, add the main set and end with a cooldown, the workout is saved as “cooldown” and I must change the name manually to the name of the main set.

It would be great to choose the name of the saved workout from a list of all workouts that were merged.

Example: Today I did a Coach Jack workout “HIIT A #10”, added my cooldown routine and chose to merge the two workouts. In this case I would like the name of the workout to be “HIIT A #10” and not “Cooldown” :wink:

I have experienced this myself… I think this merging feature is so cool. I wonder how many users use it. I like this request but will have to think about priority. Good request anyway.

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