CJ: Different Goals, Almost the same plan

Out of curiosity, I created two CJ plans recently - one with general fitness goal and the other with riding farther as the objective. Both had 3 days/week available and the same parameters. The resulting plan was essentially the same in both cases - not identical but both had 1 tempo ride, 1 HIIT and one long Z2Z3 ride each week for 3 weeks, and then one week with endurance rides.

Does that make sense that there would be no significant difference? I realize that the limited number of hours (5) and days (3) I allowed probably makes it harder to build in any nuance in the plan. I suppose I should repeat the experiment and allow additional days and more hours.

How would you expect a fitness plan to differ from a ride farther plan?

I was just testing it out and it looks like their might be a bug in the recommendations with the non-strava route, I did not test the strava way yet. Let us review in more detail. Farther generally does not require a specific plan, it’s more about riding farther on your long rides but let me see.

I tried again but allowed more days and more hours. Once I did that, there was definitely a difference between the plans. I think my initial experiment was too restrictive and didn’t allow enough room for different types of workouts.

I see some bugs or small improvements we need to do as well. But yes there are a lot of variables involved.