Coach Jack - Add VO2 Max (Zone 5) Workout for Custom Plans (DONE)

Firstly I want to say what an excellent product this is, with such a huge amount of potential. It really does fill a gap in the current market for people like myself who just want to get fitter without the intention of racing or planning a season, as I train solely indoors on Zwift.

Coach Jack looks great, and I really like the custom plans with 3 areas of “focus”. One area that seems to be missing is VO2 Max workouts (Zone 5), as the two HIIT sessions are Anaerobic. Is it possible to add this in to round out the list of workout options we have already?

Again really love what you’re doing with this, and I’ve signed up for an annual subscription to support!

Thanks so much!!! Yes, I just noticed that yesterday. We forgot to add it. We will add it next week at the latest.


Thanks For the quick reply, great to know its inbound. As a Dev I really appreciate the hard work and high level of polish that has gone into this, and the rate at which features are being added is great. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much. Really appreciate it and especially nice coming from a dev. We are a small team. I love the team but always wish things went even faster. I am frequently the bottleneck.

Ok added this a few days ago but forgot to update this post.


I am willing to add a harder VO2 max sequence if someone needs or another idea would be to allow different starting intensities for each of the 3 custom plan focus areas.


Hi Alex, thanks for this! Looking forward to making my first coach Jack plan!

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