Coach Jack and Merging Any Plans

I am thinking outloud here of something I think would be cool, currious if anyone else sees this as super cool.

So I as well as others here feel, Coach Jack is super cool and powerful (seeing how much use it gets each day it feels “popular”). What I see is lots of options now but also lots of ways you might want to create totally customize plans. As an example you could crate a few different coach Jack plans or even create custom plans using existing workouts or plans and merge them together into a single plan.

Just select the weeks you want from one plan and insert the into an existing plan. This is not Coach Jack specific but seems like this could make Jack plans 100% customizable, with months like December being totally different.

Below is how simple it would be to do this.

It sounds good, but I would have doubts if the plan would make sense in the end. That is, someone can create independent plans and unite them, but would it be ideal for training?

Suppose someone created a base plan and then joined it with a peak plan. The final plan wouldn’t make much sense.

As functionality it is perfect, but you should have some knowledge when putting together the plan so that it makes sense.

On the other hand, as Coach jack is at this moment, you don’t have to have much knowledge about the training phases, TSS, etc. Just create the plan and train because you are confident that it makes sense.

I clarify that it is always better to have some knowledge when training.

Yes, I think people do a lot of stuff that does not make sense :slight_smile: and I also agree it partially defeats the purpose of Jack. I am thinking this is something for the self coached athlete for building their own plan exactly how they want but does not feel like dealing with one workout at a time.

I actually was hoping you would respond to this :slight_smile: but I just wanted to post this idea to see if it generated any thoughts / ideas.

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