Coach Jack and Running Activities

I’m curious whether there is an interest in adding running activities to the potential workouts, especially to Coach Jack. I like to supplement my rides with running, and it would be awesome to have a Coach Jack plan that considers the best way to do this.

Right now I’m just putting my calendar in Intervals and then manually planning runs while watching the impact of planned runs on fatigue and fitness.

We definitely want to add other sports to Coach Jack but want to make sure cycling is “perfect” first. For example, adding dynamic Coach Jack for cyclists first. But we continue to grow quickly so eventually should have budget to move even faster :slight_smile: Yes, I think managing training stress balance becomes one of the most of the important aspects for multi-sport athletes, especially when that includes running. Running intensity and recovery being two of the biggest factors. Good luck.

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Excellent, I look forward to more development. I’m loving TrainerDay and the philosophy behind it!