Coach Jack - Cadence Targets

I’ve searched the forums and see that you can design a ride to have a cadence target and that should show up on the app during a ride. However, what I can’t find is if the CJ plans create target cadences for the rides or not? I’m assuming it doesn’t since the plan I have doesn’t have this show up for me during a ride.

Unless I’m missing something? And/Or can this be a future enhancement?


For me it is working with CJ plans, e.g., in the “SFR” workouts (low cadence intervals). Note, that this is on the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT using downloaded *.plan files.

Yes currently only SFR and Dyanamic force have cadence targets. We are going to add more “skills” work later this year. But those two workouts it is critical not from a skills perspective but from a muscular strength-endurance target focus.