Coach Jack calendar wrong dates in Training Peaks

Hi, So I’m all setup with Coach Jack and my TD calendar is showing the correct start date of January 2nd. I sent the calendar to Training Peaks so the workouts will show up on Zwift however the workouts are showing up on the wrong dates in Training Peaks so also wrong in Zwift. Any way to correct this?

You say you sent your calendar to TP. You mean you turned on sync or you actually sent it there? We have two different features, need to make sure of which one. Also how many days difference is it? This is the first we have heard of this.

I clicked on the first workout in my calendar then clicked on send to then training peaks power. All my workouts are off by one week.
Clicking around on training peaks just now I discovered a way to adjust all the workouts to the correct day.

I would delete everything from TP week by week. I will send instructions soon on the better/right way to do this. It will also be faster and easier.

If you want to use our calendar it is best to push it to our calendar and use calendar sync

This allows you to re-edit you Coach Jack plan at any time in the coach jack editor

If you want you plan to just be “final” and manage your workouts in TrainingPeaks then instead of sending it to your calendar in TrainerDay. Send it to “My Plans” and then send the entire plan at one time (or a few weeks at a time) to TrainingPeaks. See below.


  1. Go to Coach Jack and click edit plan
  2. Save and send to my plans. See below

Once in my plans, click on you plan and click send (see below) just send the entire plan to TrainingPeaks. Make sure you set the start date to the right date.

Got it, thanks.