Coach Jack - Consider planned non-cycling training


I am trying to create a Coach Jack Training plan and everything works well so far except for one problem: I unmark Tuesday and Wednesday as training days. I can’t train on tuesdays, but each wednesday I am doing table tennis training for 3-4 hours which is a long, mid intensity workout (I track those via Strava too).

The problem is that Jack adds the high intensity cycling training every week on thursdays because (I guess) it assumes I just had two rest days.

How can I make the tool aware that thursdays should be recovery ride days? I’d still like to ride on those days.


Hi Alex, You can create a custom plan with the same sequences and change the order of them and it should give you what you want.

Yes, I did that, but it’s a bit tedious. :grin:
That’s why I filed it as a feature request, might be useful for people who also run, swim or generally do other activities regularly and I would expect Coach Jack to take the intensity in account, providing a better plan.

Sorry I mean custom in CJ, it’s not tedious :slight_smile: It takes 2 seconds. See below, you just select your sequences in the popup and select the same sequences you had in the plan. If you tell me which plan you had I can show you.

Ah, got it, thanks! I am creating a polarized plan, but I think I got it working on my own.

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