Coach Jack next winter or something else?

Can’t answer your question, but would like to ask you one. How did you find coach jack training? What, in your opinion did you like and what wasn’t so good? Asking because I have 5 months of the year on a turbo so planning ahead for next winter as this years winter training hasn’t gone well.

Sorry to hear about your winter. That is frustrating. Not sure you can trust my opinion since I am a little biased here. :slight_smile: And really happy for anyone to chime in with honesty negative or positive. But can you tell me what went wrong with this winter? If you read the fine print here you can see that CJ is very different than other platforms.

Don’t mind bias. Basically I asked a coach to help me with my threshold HR and VO2max, so the responsibility lies with me. it just didn’t work for me and my 3rd Covid jab didn’t help. At my age (74) perhaps I should have gone for a build program. So I have 2 alternatives. Just do my own thing or trying Coach Jack.

Welcome. So what ultimately is your goal? I am not a real coach but I know a lot and also have access to super real coaches when the answers get out of my league. I am very up on aging athlete needs. I even coached a 75 year old cyclist that ended up winning the Tennesse State championship for his age a few years ago. But really that was 99% him and 1% me :slight_smile: Anyway, depending on your actual goals it affects my answer. Get faster for specific event, or go father, become a better climber. Just get in better shape. Also a little background on your training history and cycling history with what you have done for the last year. Then I can better answer that question.

Coach Jack is gentle and builds, if you don’t like the kill yourself workouts that many suggest CJ will give you a nice plan. Also if you are doing all year cycling then winter is a good time to do a base period of mostly easy riding but that drives some people crazy in the winters. If you are doing base period CJ is not needed at all.

We are strong believers in Joe Friel here and his fast after 50 is a good book. So we agree that older athletes might want Base+ meaning one workout a week with some intensity each week even during a base period.


Hi Alex, think I may have muddied the waters on this thread. I thought at first I was responding to Emmond, then you came in on my e-mail so I answered that. Perhaps a good idea to start my own thread? :see_no_evil::man_shrugging::thinking:

@Traveller It’s all friendly here lol, don’t worry.

I dont know whether my comments above answered your questions to me or not…if not, ask away. Happy to share my experience of the platform with you. :+1:

It was fine mixed but probably for other peoples benefit a new topic is good. Easy for me to slit it. I will respond later.

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For some reason I can’t find your answers. I saw them come in now they have vanished. :upside_down_face:

In my post. Alex has split the topics :+1:

My indoor training season is finished now until about October/November when the weather and roads get too bad to ride on here in Norway. I just read aguti00 experience with CJ so I’ll get back to you nearer the time. Many thanks :grinning:

Cool my mom is 100% Norwegian so I have family there but never been there. Have a great summer.

Yes they did to a great extent. Thanks :grinning: