Coach Jack - Workout commments

I have had different people tell me they like or their friend(s) really likes professional in workout comments so they stick with Zwift or TR primarily because of that. I am ok with people sticking with the platform the prefer :slight_smile: but I want to make sure we are addressing the needs of users, which now with Coach Jack we open this product up beyond the self-coached cyclist. Obviously Coach Jack is design for to make self-coached cylclists lifes easier and better as well.

Just currious how many people would like professional coach commentator to add interval comments to Coach Jack’s workouts. Both inspirational as well as educational or one versus the other.

I have access to some great coaches for doing this just feeling out how much demand there is.

I’m all for it.

  • Informational: what do I have to do and what specifically is important?
  • Educational: Why should I do it and what is the main outcome (brief)?
  • Professional: Long term influence, special remarks
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I always had them turned off on TrainerRoad. I can’t read when I’m doing threshold or VO2 Intervals :wink:
If you’re going to add them to TD, please make them optional.


Don’t worry for sure they will be optional. :slight_smile:


It is secondary, In my opninion

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All of it Will be great. For nerds of training like me, Will be awesome.

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Super useful with comments. Very much needed as instructions for example with double targets, ie power in combination with cadence.

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I really love this idea. Would the comments work when exporting .zwo files to Zwift?

My use case is that I’d like to let Coach Jack create a 16 week plan with progression, export it to Zwift and execute the plan. I’ve found the comments really helpful in Zwift (cadence tips, pedal stroke training & general words of encouragement).

I’d be all for gleaning any extra coaching insights that could be provided with the generated coach Jack training plans.

Yes in ZWO also. Our editor now allows adding comments to ZWO files. :slight_smile:

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