"Commute Anchor" Integration and Distance-Based Workouts for CJ Plan

I’m a big fan of CJ plan, but I have a couple of feature requests that would make it even more helpful for cyclists like me who commute regularly:

  1. “Commute Anchor” Integration: It would be fantastic if the CJ plan could be modified to incorporate my daily commute as a core workout. My commute is a fixed distance of 24 km each way (48 km round trip) 3 times a week, mostly flat with lots of traffic lights. I’d love to be able to designate these rides as Zone 2 endurance sessions and have the CJ plan build the rest of my training schedule around these fixed rides. This would help me maximize the training benefit from my commute and ensure it complements my other workouts.
  2. Multiple Commute Rides Per Day: My commute involves two rides per day (to and from work). It would be great if the CJ plan could accommodate this by allowing for multiple commute rides on the same day.
  3. Distance-Based Workouts: For my commute rides, it would be much more convenient to be able to set the workout duration based on distance (24 km) rather than time. This would automatically adjust the workout duration based on my average speed. Ideally, this distance-based option could be available for other outdoor rides as well.

I believe these features would make TrainerDay even more valuable for commuters and would seamlessly integrate our daily rides into a structured training plan.

Thanks for considering my suggestions!


Oh that’s a nice idea. I am on vacation but when back will catch up with you.