[COMPLETED] - Adding HR target to structured workouts

I went to edit an existing workout today and noticed a new text box instruction for the HR interval type. It said to enter the HR bpm target into the Slope field, which I did.

The problem is that it didn’t work. If you populate this field and leave the power target empty, targets and resistance go to zero when you get to that interval.

I went back in and populated both the power and HR targets, and the HR target worked!

Design or bug?

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Hi, I have not even tested this yet. You are too fast :slight_smile: It’s two bugs actually. One is that power target should always be required, just so visually it looks like a reasonable workout. Second bug I think is related to this ERG / HR control issue we discussed. Once he fixes the second one I will test it and make sure but yes just enter ERG target to make it visually look good (and in this case work correctly).


What a great timing for me to come back for regular TD use now… My wishes from last winter are coming to reality!

I’ll also do the testing and hope this new capability will be documented properly :slight_smile:

I keep waiting for things to be completely working to document them, and then problem is they are never finished :slight_smile: But yes, I definitely plan on doing a video and article talking about how HR mode works and how to use our workout editor to do some interesting combinations. That should be next week.

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Ok, I tried to create an HR interval workout and use it…
Didn’t really work as you explain in the video (and I saw video just now, after testing).
Work out had a worm up, then it was switching to HR mode for 148 BPM followed by 134 BPM for several intervals.
What happened was this:

  • Workout switched from ERG to HR mode
  • The HR target was 128, ignoring what was set in the workout editor
  • Stayed in HR mode until the end, ignoring switching to ERG mode for cooldown
  • FTP % specified in the editor was NOT ignored, but set as specified for each interval

The target power drop was too slow and small to make any noticeable impact on HR most of the time. The change in power should really depend on several factors, for example:

  • How far actual HR is from target - farther it is, larger change required
  • did previous interval end with HR on target? If not, it should continue adjusting from an appropriate level, not reverting to configured power

I am planning to try a bit different setup and see if lower power values help.

Sorry we have a bug right now that power targets affects HR targets, this will be fixed next week. I should not have launched that video until this was fixed…

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That’s fine, still a good intro.


I just did a mixed HR/ERG workout using yesterday’s beta release, and struck no bugs at all. It worked perfectly thank you.

I tried to trip it up with merging workouts and extending intervals, but it did what it should each time. I also noticed that when my HR was below target, the resistance seemed to increase earlier than before which i much preferred - was that changed or am i imagining it?

The only minor request is that it would be nice to edit the workout name in “My Activities” after the event as when you merge it picks up the added workouts name. I know i should edit it when finishing the workout, but sometimes you forget.


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Looks good. It looks like you are not using ERG warmup in this one. There is still a small bug switching from ERG in the beta from yesterday but the new beta likely coming today should be perfect (finally, hopefully, I still need to do one last test). I don’t think it goes any faster, although this stuff is complicated so my developer can make a mistake that improves it :slight_smile:

Yes activity renaming seems like nice feature, do you mind creating new topic for that so it’s a feature request. Hardly anyone (maybe one person a long time ago) has asked for this but it seems useful.

Will do & yes I did have an ERG warmup. Workout is ERG/HR 60

Oh I know why you don’t see the bug. I have an interesting test workout that highlights the bug but it would be obvious if someone is doing interval workouts rather than steady state HR workouts.

You can see with my test, my power target is much higher than my current power when it switches to HR interval so it causes a spike when switching to HR mode.



This is all done now.