[COMPLETED] - Auto Update Rider Weight

This is a small thing, but I think it would be cool if TrainerDay could pull rider weight from apps like Garmin or Apple Health and automatically update it whenever a change is made in one of those apps.

We are looking at google health and apple health integrations now. Good timing on this request. :slight_smile:


Alex, hi!!! Why did my weight reading disappear from the top of the web application page? It was very convenient to click and change manually, but now you have to make many moves to go to the profile and change there. Why was it removed and can it be brought back?

You can click on FTP and change your weight. We are moving towards a simplified design especially for improving other pages and this is an important step in that direction. Hope that makes sense.

FYI: We did add auto update weight from Apple Health.

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How to set up communication between Apple Health and Trainer Day?

Hola, @lucmen. In the settings, you need to enable the Health setting. The app will ask for permission to read the data. Right now the app only works one way, simply put the app can only take your weight from Apple Health and set it in TrainerDay

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Hi. In the settings for what? Neither in the Trainer Day app nor in the Health app do I see an option to turn it on. Can you elaborate?

Due to security policy, Apple may not show you the permissions popup. Therefore, I highly recommend checking the permissions in the Apple Health app itself. You need to open Health app > the second tab (Sharing) > Apps and Services > TrainerDay

Strangely, I don’t have the tab: Health in the TD app and I don’t see the TD app in the Health app(((. What can I do in this case?

A complete reinstallation of the TD app solved the problem - the Health button appeared!!! ))) Thank you for your help and support!!!

I think you didn’t use the latest version of the app