[COMPLETED] - Can you add this Power Curve (Super common on the market)

I have this super cheap Rockbros Mag Bike Trainer that I bought 50$ cheap.
I was struggling to find the powercurve until I came across this site

Eyes specifically on OEM 5661-0016 Magnetic…
Upon looking at this trainer

I realized this trainer has been mass produced and renamed into many different names. Rockbros, Deuter and most of the time nameless.

You just have to look at the distinct shapes of the locks, bolts, the overall build of the trainer because they look actually the same and I have no doubts about it because knowing chinese products. I see a lot of bike parts that are the same but with different names.

This is the power curve from the Power Curve Sensor site
that I edited and counted the pixels

I tried my best and this is what I came with

Hopefully this get added on the app.

@Alex will this be ever added? I’m deciding if I should cancel my TR subscription if this ever gets added. Looking to make a switch here for monthly subscription

Oh sorry, I forgot to respond. Sure no problem. My developer is doing 1/2 vacation right now so not sure how quickly he can get to it but let me see if it can’t be rather quickly. We have 2 that are kind of close now. If you are doing 300w+ then not ideal but up to about 250 the one on the right is probably accurate enough. Especially considering these conversions from speed to power with these trainers are not that accurate anyway. But still if you want to feel that it is closer to TR then having the same curve would help.

oops sorry the one on the right is the wrong name. Looking for the right name.

Ok here I created your power curve, you can see the red one over the top of yours. So that was the hard part… :slight_smile: Now my developer just has to add it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alex , may I know the powercurve name that is similar? 250 watts is pretty much enough for me since I have a very low ftp and my vo2max would probably hover from there.

Although hopefully the original powercurve gets added in the future because I think Im gonna stuck with this cheapo trainer for a while.

Thank you for the help! i think it’s time to make the switch :partying_face:

Oh yes, Minoura V100 on 1, looks pretty close. Yes, we should be able to add it it in the next 2-4 weeks.

Did you write the android review? If so, would love an update :slight_smile:

I have already edited it, thank you for the help. also subbed :heart:

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A Power Curve has been added in version 4.9.0

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It’s called “OEM 5661-0016 Magnetic”