[COMPLETLED] - Apple Health Integration for Automatic Weight Import

I use a smart scale that syncs with Apple Health. I’d love to see an integration that automatically imports my weight data into TrainerDay whenever it changes.

I understand this might be possible using HealthKit: HealthKit | Apple Developer Documentation

Would this be something you could consider adding in a future update? It would be a very convenient way to keep the rider’s weight in the app updated to their actual weight.

Thanks for considering!

This would be a great feature.

Got it guys. We are planning on better Apple Health integration so as long as this is not too hard (I assume it is not) we will do it.

There is another option (that might be easier to implement since we already have Strava integration), which is to get the weight data from Strava. This is similar to how it works on https://intervals.icu/

Some how my developer got excited about this and added automatic update from Apple health. I would like to use this strava one as well.