Concept2 Row ERG - We NEED volunteers.... :)

We are going to start our workout sharing platform and app for C2 rowwing machine users with a PM5 computer/display (bluetooth with power). This won’t negatively affect cyclists but I am looking for beta volunteers. This is not a lot of development required and we belive we can offer the best solution for most/many C2/PM5 row users. I just ordered one personally for testing. If you are willing to help beta test this let me know.

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Alex, I’m interested. Long time C2 erg user and experienced beta tester. Thanks.

Wow Nigil, this is great!!! It will probably be 2-4 weeks until we are ready to start beta testing but I will send you a message. I would love to ask you some questions. I will send you a direct message here in our forums shortly.

Alex, it would be easier if we messaged via Facebook Messenger or iMessage. What’s the easiest way for me to give you my contact details? Thanks.

I also have a C2 with the PM5…I alternate between rowing and indoor cycling training…it would be great to have an app that handles both. If you need more than one beta tester I’m in as well.

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Super cool. I will send you a personal message. I am trying to talk to as many C2 users as possible to understand how they use it.

I use the concept2 indoor rowers in my rowing club. I’m going to start rowing again at the beginning of september, so I can participate in the tests.

Oh super cool. Hopefully it should be available mid-september.

Hi Alex, after MONTHS of absence… i logged oin today and WOW found the rowoiption!! !!! if you need a volunteer, I would be happy to help out… a Concept 2 Dynamic, the SkiERG & the BikeERG is in my basement… so tell me what you need!!!

Glad to have you back Ralf, super cool. Yes I am following all the big rowing groups on FB and seeing what people are talking about and how they are training and realize most rowers are very far behind when it comes to training and training plans compared to cyclists. The focus on pace in rowing is very problematic I think (and am not alone). Top coaches focus on power in rowing and so should atheletes. Our platform is a power platform and could benefit rowers. It’s just a big shift for 90% of the fitenss rowers, so it will likely be a slow growth process but needs to happen.

Im with you.. about the pace... checking for power is what makes sense for me the most especially when i was digging ah "little" deeper into technique... even skripts from about 20 years ago the coaches talked about power... actually for ex. on the SmartRow for the waterrower they are depending on power and you can learn a lot of using the force curve about technique... that visual is really crapy on the C2 PM5 i heard that the ergzone-app is possible to show a "real" force curve i will give that also a try and will also test TD on my C2.. I will be back in that case to you what i found out... yesterday the skierg wouldnt be recording and the BikeERG`s powernumbers are really different from the numbers in the TD app… but i will alsoplay here a little bit around what i find out…

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Let me know if ERG Zone force curve is better. I did not check that, I have subscription for testing it but have not spent much time. Yes I have talked to some high level coaches and they use power. Power is much more linear to effort. Pace is crazy, 1:30 vs 1:25 mm:ss per 500m for a 2k does not like such a big difference but when you realize that is 480 watts vs 580 watts for a few minutes as a cyclist you realize that is an entirely different world.

Also if you can tell me more about the difference in power on BikeErg I am currious. Someone else tried it and said it seemed fine but he was not much of a power based rider. Our app is very basic right now but it works. I have a C2 now but until recently, I have not done any rowing in 30 years… :slight_smile:

This should all be available now. I am not pushing too much until we get more features. I have been getting good feedback but happy to get more. You can create rowing workouts now based on pace or power

And then the editor works a little different

You can actually switch back and forth to bike features if you want and finally save as RowErg.

Our app right now does not filter workouts based on sport type but that is coming very soon. I believe our web search does.

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I have a Concept 2 with PM5 and would be happy to beta test. I row 2-3 times per week alternating with my erg Cycling.

Hi Drake, actually all the features are currently available in the web site and in the app. We have taken a much more cycling centric view of rowing which means it’s % of FTP based instead of 2k±X or fixed pace. We are working on adding a 2k time to FTP calculator to the app. Would love to hear your feedback. After getting lots of feedback we know rowers expect things like specific pace targets and distance based rowing so we plan to add those. We almost have C2 Logbook integration done (it is done we just need to turn it on). So anyway try it out. You can add rowing as a sport in your profile on the web and choose rowing as a sport in our app.

This is a great addition to TrainerDay, thank you!
Do you have any plans to support older C2 PM units? Eg adding usb connection will open this up to PM4 & PM3 .