Connectin Zycle Zpro (Bkool smart pro 3)

I have a Zycle Zpro and I cannot connect it to the application. It shows up as Bkool smart pro 3, then I select to connect and then it fails every time.

Has anyone managed to connect this device to the app?

Just doing a google search, it says if you have the latest firmware it should be FTMS compatible. So if you have the latest update it should work with our app. Let me know how it goes.

Hello Alex.
Yes, the device is updated to de latest firmware and theoretically it use FTMS. In practice the app sems connected but it does not show any power reading.

I have a friend with the same brand, Bkool Smat Pro 2, it works, but there is a problem with the ERG that doesn’t work

Sorry to hear that. FTMS is supposed to be a standard but the sad thing is it is not a perfectly defined standard so their is a lot of variation. The more established brands have had time to test and fix most device specific coding issues. We have fixed most but as you see their are still some devices that don’t work.

My developer is getting married and just left for a 3-week vacation today (only available for more serious bug fixes) or else I would ask you if you if you wanted to meet with him and see if we can resolve this. We can look at this in mid-January if you want. I know that is pretty late in the season.

I contacted with zycle and it turns out that the latest firmware you can download in their app is not the last, and it does not have FTMS activated. So they contacted me to make a videocall and updated my firmware. Now FTMS protocol is installed and working fine, and so does Traynerday.
I Have to compliment Zycle postsale atention. They solved my problem really fast.

Very nice to hear!!! :slight_smile:

And is possible for you to tell the process to see if I can help my friend

The model of you friend is Bkool Smart Pro 2 and mine is Zycle Zpro. I cannot say if they can update that model firmware and I do not know if they will do it (I doubt it is in waranty as mine device was).
All I did was to go to Zycle page to send a message asking for FTMS activation…