Connection issues (Cateye Speed/cadence + HRM)

I have Cateye Sensors speed cadence and heart rate. today in the morning it failed to get connected so i thought battery might be an issue so replaced the same with CR 2032 of Duracell Make. Still the problem presists. At times it gets connected and inbetween the workout the connection gets disconnected.

Please advise what can be an isssue


It could be a device issue - what device are you using?

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, when the connection appears to drop you could go into settings then Bluetooth and see if the sensor is showing as connected or not? If it is, then this is probably a TrainerDay issue, if the sensor is showing as disconnected then it is probably a device issue (could be the sensor, the phone, interference, or something else).

To try and avoid any bluetooth issues I tend to quit all other apps on my phone that might want to access the same sensors - e.g I quit Strava, RideWithGPS etc when I’m using TrainerDay so that neither of those apps start trying to fight with TrainerDay to get data from the bluetooth sensors :slight_smile:

Hmmm… with heart rate that can be due to poor connection with your body. Some people need to use gel. But usually if you are getting sweaty it should not disconnect. As Burning legs metioned if you connected to another app and that app is in the background it could be blocking the connection to your devices. And finally the other thing I would do is go into your phone or tablet settings and make sure these are not directly connected (forget device in settings). Obviously disconnecting in our app and reconnecting may help. If you are using Android, Android bluetooth is not 100% predictable. iPhone is more predictable. Let me know. Let me know more details about which device disconnects and when. I don’t think your current not being able to connect is our app problem. Phone restart might also help.