Controlling the resist percentage?

Very new to this app so forgive me if i’ve missed something.

In Resist mode (not erg or slope):

Is there a way to automate the resist percentage that my trainer can do like the slope mode does for percentage?.

Say 5 minutes at 10% of the resistance, and then 10 seconds at 60%?

Its the best way i’ve found to simulate track standing starts!

Great question, just what I was also going to ask. I want to simulate a track standing kilometre (on a Wattbike).
Looking forward to the answer!

No sorry there is no way to do this. I always wondered if someone would ask for this :slight_smile: It would not be a big stretch to add this. It sounds like you might know something I don’t but is there any difference between slope mode and resistance mode? From what I have read they are basically the same, just a different numeric value. Slope might not be linear resistance increase but ultimately a given slope can be directly translated to a specific resistance on a specific trainer.

Below article it says "Level mode applies a standard resistance curve to the trainer. " They call it levels mode which is just slope mode.

Please let me know,. if there really is a difference we could consider adding automated resistance control, it should not be too hard. The big difference is 50% on a trainer with max resistance that represents 2200watts, is different than a 600w trainer so these workouts would not be very shareable where slope is more shareable although trainers have different limits.

Hi Alex, thanks for your reply!

I think its more about intuition, especially for us guys who are predominately velodrome cyclists! What we’d usually do for starting starts (unless actually doing them) is get a super old school oil resistance trainer, and gear the hell out of the bike and see what gear we could ‘overcome’ at a decent cadence.

Same for 5-6 second sprints, I think its more intuitive to know what resistance is ‘holding me back’ so to speak, of course you get the output wattage as well! Personally having to trial and error what slope percentage = what resistance isn’t immediate (although this is a very me problem!)

Having the resistance change mode would make it the ideal velodrome app, reporting directly to coaches what cadence and watts i’m holding at a given % resistance is equivalent to finding my current power gear (big deal!).

Correct me if I’m wrong but both Trainer road and Zwift just don’t offer anything close to this?

  • totally agree with the difference in trainers, I think just being upfront that this is a percentage rather than an absolute value would be reasonable! And perhaps a note saying this when sharing!

what do you think?


As far as I know we are the only platform that you can program a specific resistance (slope) and use them in intervals for time for example. Now Rouvy allows you to upload a route that has a slope to it so theoretically anyone that allows importing a route kind of supports this but that is much more convoluted process than using our slopes instead of resistance :slight_smile:

So we have a few users here that have built spreadsheets that convert slope x cadence to watts. If ultimately you are trying to target watts for a specific cadence then I think it’s ultimately the same either way meaning. You need to have a formula unless you always use the same RPM, then you could memorize it. If you are going to have a forumla to determine your slope targets then I would think it is basically the same whether it is resistance or slope.

So resistance % is specific to your trainer, so saying I am holding a specific resistance percent is the same as saying I am holding a specific slope degrees although slope degrees translates better from device to deivce. I would think if you prefer to say resistance it’s probably simple math like slope times 3 or something.

I would be happy to be the best app for velodrome cyclists :slight_smile: We try to support what we consider underserved needs as long as they are not too small of niche :slight_smile:

If I am wrong about my thinking regarding needing to use excel anyway and with resistance you could do it with excel because you are not focused on watts as much as newton meters (resistance) and rpm and this really made the difference by supporting automatated resistance mode as I said I would consider it because it should not be too hard.

Absolutely are! I love this app either way because we can actually program the slopes!

Okay yes I like the spreadsheet idea! will use that going forward!

Had a chat with some of the coaches at the velodrome, it terms of integration and ease of use for TrainerPeaks, they said the resistance control would be best for them it terms of quickly accessing an athlete, but using a calculator for slope to NM is also perfectly fine!

If its an easy addition It would be amazing, but understand if slopes covers this!

Either way love the app!

Sounds to me that what you need instead of a % resistance is an actual watts resistance setting. 1000 watts is 1000 watts, regardless of the max resistance of your unit. I mean, on the back end it’s simple math (given each distinct trainer’s max watts), but when sharing your status or workouts with others, using watts would be what you need. And if you want to compare to your old school oil resistance, you would need to use a power meter to compute the resistance watts in each gear. Then all your trainers and athletes can have meaningful conversations without having to factor in who’s using what brand of trainer.

This makes sense. Yes why not just talk in terms of watts? For example "I can generate 1,000 watts for 3 minutes… " (I can’t but… :slight_smile: ) … then it is an apples to apples comparison especially when watts / kg are not so important.

But you still don’t really want to use ERG mode because you want to do it by feel (gears/cadence) so you need to know how to set the resistance (slope) up to a value that sets you up to be in the right gear at the right time, the good part is 5% grade should be similar on all trainers (never tested this). I believe a Tacx Neo takes into account your weight but I don’t think most other trainers do. So this makes slope superior to resistance even though it is a bit less intutive as workout sharing should be possible across devices.

Had a user ask about Resistance Mode vs Slope Mode (essentially Indoor Bike Simulation Parameters Mode)

What I believe is that resistance mode is the older standard, available to more trainers and the Slope Mode is a newer addition and thus maybe not all trainers (esp the older ones) supports it.

Yes I think it’s popular to call it sim mode also. I know at least a few modern trainers that don’t support resistance mode. I don’t remember models but after customer research we realized this was true.

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