CORE Body Temperature Sensor

Hello. Is there any way to currently see the data from the Core Sensor on the app screen during a workout? If not I would love to see this feature.



It’s not possible now but we can leave it here as a request. That’s a pretty cool device. I would love to hear what interesting info you learn from this.

How many degree C / F change do you typically see from the data? From the post ride data that I presume you can see in core’s website or in

Since the body regulates the core temp quite good, I’m wondering, at least for indoors, w a fan or under aircon things like that.

When using more sophisticated devices, I would recommend to double-record with a head-unit.
Just let TD control your trainer and record all on your head-unit. That’s most of the time the easiest solution to get all data in one FIT file and forward it to your analysis software package.
I know and understand that it’s a second device/screen, but your request is more of a thing for a handful of people, while TD is still small and low budget.


I’m currently testing indoors to understand how my body responds to various temperature-related variables during my rides. This includes testing scenarios with the fan on/off and adjusting room temperature. My goal is to determine the point at which my power output leads to a rise in body temperature where I am no longer effectively able to cool off. I believe this data will be invaluable for optimizing my power race plan for Ironman.

To collect this information, I’m using the iOS app in real-time during my rides to monitor temperature changes. Additionally, I’m exploring the impact of different fueling strategies on body temperature and integrating this data with heart rate and power metrics post workout to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. While I’m relatively new to this device, I’m enthusiastic about leveraging data and technology to enhance my performance.

In case you didn’t notice:
Indoor app ‘Breakaway’ from @app4g and Intervals ( analysis suite both have support for the CORE. app4g is active here and on the Intervals forum.

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Thank you for the heads up!

Just to be clear. I don’t mind when other apps provide a solution that we don’t and people talk about it here. My only goal with TrainerDay is to help solve peoples problems. :slight_smile: Same wtih you @app4g if you support core then you can tell him that :slight_smile: