CP and W’ always wrong on Phone app (Android)

am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
under Android app, I have my FTP defined in Watts.

Whenever I go to Library and select a workout to view, CP is set to the same as my FTP and W’ is defined as 1-50 kJ, whenever the W’bal button is selected.

Say that I enter my correct CP and W’ values, next time around looking at another workout or next time using the app, the same defaults are there despite my having input them before.

On the web front end, once I entered my CP and W’, every time in the future that I click on any workout, these values are remembered.

For the phone app, why is it forgetting?
Or am I missing entering these values in settings somewhere?

Oh, interesting, yes I think CP and W’ are stored in your browser and not on the server so it does not sync across the two, and maybe the phone does not remember in general We will improve this. I want to improve this popup in the app so that it is native and fast (right now it can be very slow).