Crappy trainer control (Garmin 530)

I send a workout to my garmin library then use my edge 530 to run the workout with my tacx flow. Its has been 50/50 whether the whole workout works or not.

Ill ride and the trainer adjusts resistance to make sure I match target power. About 20 minutes into a workout it will just completely stop controlling the trainer…

Usually it stops after a step change.

This never happens with trainer road or with a workout created directly in garmin.

This would be problems with Garmin not with TrainerDay. Garmin truncates workouts and your Garmin is controlling the trainer. Since your trainer supports Bluetooth you could try our training app. Our app works well for most devices.

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I should say I also tried controlling my Tacx Neo with a Garmin 530 and had problems, but I know it works fine for many people.

You haven’t got the trainerday app running on your phone have you? Even in the background?


Also it’s possible that in Garmin you are creating different workouts? Meaning we are sending 1s, 3s or lap power depending on the settings in our apps and devices page. Make sure they are the same as the settings you are using in Garmin. Also exact power or range

I’ve heard of issues w/ Garmin Trainer Control. (I don’t have a garmin that can control trainers, so this info is not firsthand)

It’s could be a combination of situations

  1. Garmin send a Power Target to the trainer 1 time
  2. Trainer will honor that target power, but it has a timeout of sorts. Say, after 10mins it, it will reset itself to 0w or something

TrainerRoad and Zwift sends commands to the trainer ever few seconds.
IIRC, TR does it every 10secs and Zwift is every second (due to the nature of the “game” as it’s simulating terrain)