Create a workout from .GPX and have it show the true map on Strava

Hi Alex et all,

I created a route of my hometown and thought I’d give it a try on TrainerDay. Below are the steps I took (note: I did this before subscribing).

  1. Map a route on GPX Studio
  2. Convert .GPX to a Zwift Workout using this site
  3. Import .ZWO to TrainerDay

I now know that it’s probably the long way of doing things and now with a subscription, I can import the .GPX directly.

But my question is - after completing a workout, it uploads on and Strava. Rather than showing my hometown route map it shows a route in Mauritius. How can I configure this so it shows the actual route that I mapped out in step 1?

Many thanks,

The forum wouldn’t let me post more than two links but here is a link to the workout I created.

Hi Vas, we allow uploading GPX as a training feature but not as a follow the map feature, or a map in strava feature. So I will change this to a new feature request.

@Alex That feature would be awesome! It just makes things a little more sociable

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I completely agree. Good idea. I like it.