Create Workouts by Distance

Hi Alex,

Is there a way to create workouts using distance instead of time?
Also when importing gpx files it could use distance rather than time so that I could import a file and try to beat my time on those rides?


Hi John, interesting. Funny my developer was just talking about adding a ghost rider trying to beat your previous self. This overlaps his thinking. It would be a pretty big task to work in distance based intervals but we can leave this request here and see if something interesting comes from it.


Thanks Alex - great minds think alike!!!
This option brings a lot of different options.
Importing a ride from outdoor and then being able to beat the time, it gives you the option of a “ghost” rider which used to be my favourite feature when I was using a cyclops trainer and their app. This is something that is missing from the market right now.
I’d pay extra for that!!
Thanks for the response, happy to hear there is some consideration for it.

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