Created workouts all over the place (Kickr Slope Mode Not always setting right slope)

Hey Alex…

Both my wife and me have had an issue tonight on our training sessions.
They’re both workouts we’ve built and both have had issues.

The powers, mode (erg,Slope) went out of sync by 2 minutes at some point in the workout.
So when the graphic screen on the right was showing Slope mode target 260w the actual left hand figures had it in ERG mode and on the rest wattage of 160w.
This has started tonight. Last nights and the night previous were fine.

It started around the mid-point of the session.

Could someone take a look?. Unfortunately I have a rather annoyed coach as tonight was a test session.

Everything seems to be working ie the mode switching ok but it just gets all out of sync… I 'think" by 2 minutes…


Sorry about that. We had a new version of our app come out yesterday I think that fixed an issue similar to this., although, I have not heard of an out of sync issue. Do you know which version of the app you have? You can see in other settings at the bottom in our app. Is there anyway you can send a screenshot to try to explain. I will have my tester see if he can reproduce this.

Hey Alex…

Ah it’s no big… I know how hard you guys work on this…

So the app is 4.8.1 currently. I’m not sure if it has had an update recently.

This is the workout build.

Highlighted is the point at which things went a bit wacky…
Once that 5min ERG block (in red)finished it then did the 2 minute and just carried on for another minute when it should have changed.

This is the actual workout powers etc…
You can see that the power stays high as the target wattage and target cadence just stayed the same when they should have dropped…

Hope that helps… Let me know if you want any further info!! Happy to help.


That’s very helpful, let us see what we can find.

Hi Alex…

Did you guys find anything with the above?


Sorry, my app developer is just finishing up a lot of other stuff and would have time to look a this but now he is going on vacation… Can you tell me what trainer you have? We just fixed an issue with slope mode and Tacx Neo although it seems like different issue than this. Also is it something you have been able to reproduce? If you can reproduce it reliably we can likely fix it working with him. Also are you android or ios?

Hey Alex
So I’m on a Wahoo Kicker V4 and running iPhone so iOS.

I’ve not had any sessions scheduled that need to switch between ERG and slope mode. Everything built using just ERG mode seem to be running ok.
My wife had the same problem the same evening I did also switching between modes.

I can try and build another session but it won’t be soon as Im on a fairly strict schedule up to the Pan Celtic Race…

Will try though…

Have a great time on your race. My bike is in shop and I am getting new one soon, so I should be able to test this on my V5 soon and see if I can replicate it.