Creating a new plan

Hi, I’ve just signed up, and keen to set up my plan. I’ve created an empty 4 week plan and one workout (to test things), but I can’t see how to add that workout to my plan. The plan structure is there - Mon-Sun for 4 weeks, and each cell shows “No Training - Drag and Drop Workout” but where do I drag and drop from? Also, I was expecting to be able to click on a cell (eg Week 1, Monday) then add a workout from My Favourites. Could you pls advise. Cheers.

To the right of the plan select the favorite category if your plans are in this category, your workouts should then be displayed on the right. All you have to do is drag and drop the workouts into the plan.

Yes Mattski, you need to first add workouts to your favorites (or create more lists) from workout search or by creating them.