Customize data fields visualization in the app (+add Speed and Distance info in the app)

I think this would not be very complicated to do (I suppose) and it would add an option that is present in most sports watches (Garmin, Suunto, Coros, etc …):

The ability to change data fields on the main training screen.

Currently 6 data fields appear, and in a predefined order (and below, the graph with the intensity of the training).

The idea would be that each user could change each of these 6 data fields and put them in the order that he wants.

This could be done in 2 ways (you could choose the way that would be easy to implement… or both!):

  1. Directly inside de app, with an option to customize data fields
  2. In our profile in the website (this could be a premium option)

In addition, by being able to customize them, if in the future more options are added (for example, being able to show the “speed” field, or the “distance traveled” field), it would not be necessary to add new fields and remove space from the graph below in the phone screen, but rather that you could change the 2 fields that you use the least of the 6 and replace them with those 2 new ones (or any others that could be created in the future) and … that’s it!

… and this is related to my second proposal:

Adding these 2 data fields (speed and distance traveled) to the fields that can be displayed directly in the app screen.