Day 1 still current day after completing workouts (FIXED)

Ok we believe we know the problem and should be able to fix it next week.

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Sounds great and will be looking forward to it!

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Yes, I switched from a Fitness plan to the SFR one.

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Ok guys, I did not test this but my developers said this is fixed. My tester will test it tonight but it should be fixed. This bug was specifically for new Coach Jack plans created in the last couple weeks.

Ok really, really :slight_smile: This should be fixed now. I just tested it. I do see there can be a delay for a couple seconds for it to update to the correct workout. We might need to fix this delay.

Hi Alex!

I rode this morning and had to pick the correct ride as expected. If I look at the app now it is highlighting the correct ride for tomorrow. It would go back to the first one before so looking good I think. I will double check and update you tomorrow morning if the correct one is selected when I ride in the morning.

Yes it was just fixed this afternoon CET, so it might happen to you one more time that you have to select the right one manually tomorrow (I am sure what my developers did but this is what I suspect) but after that it will be fixed.

I just opened the mobile app on my phone and it jumped to the current workout correctly. I will cross check on my tablet tomorrow. Looking good right now.

Edit: checked it on my tablet. Works. Great work Alex and the Devs :wink: