Devices pairing (RPM/BPM/etc.)

I did not find clear statement on this (and actually it’s my first approach to interactive power meter and training app).
Can I pair with the app any remote devices supporting BLE/BT (phone do not support ANT+) and they will be recognized by app and used for measurements?

I mean mostly BPM and RPM sensors.

Especially RPM, as this value is provided by my Direto XR and I’m wondering if buying external BLE cadence sensor (Bryton, for their devies) makes sense as app will recognize it and override measurements provided by Direto?
Because if not, then I’ll just buy wired RPM sensor dedicated for Elite hometrainers as Elite knows that under low load RPM measurement is inaccurate (as based on power fluctuations I guess). This will let Direto to measure and provide more accurate value itself and app won’t have to override values.

Yes, I am sure that sensor will work and yes we will override what comes from your smart trainer. Most modern sensors all use standard protocols and will work with our app. Some exercise (spin) bikes for example don’t and HR from some watches might not be standard but most devices are.

Great to hear :slight_smile: Thank’s for the fast repy.

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