Did the power match font get smaller?

Hi Alex, I don’t know whether I’m losing my sight but the font size of the Powermatch window has seriously shrunk since the latest design changes; I can hardly see it. Ok, my mobile phone is not big (Samsung S23), but I used to be able to see the values without any problem. Would it be possible to increase the font size a wee bit?

Can you possibly send a screenshot? Why do you need to read those values? :slight_smile: You mean like +23w or something? Just curious? We made UI changes lately so probably not your imagination…

Yes I noticed the same thing. I have set my tablet to Zoom mode to enlarge the screen so I can see the variations between my power meter output and the trainer. I worked out I had some leg strength discrepancies by noticing the variations

Oh I forgot to check this. I will get on it.

Hmmm, it seems that the Power Match values are now gone. There was no ‘Calibrating’ message when I started the workout. I only see 100% (ERG) in that box, even though the power meter is connected and the power Match is ‘on’ in the settings.

Sorry, I think this was removed accidentally (my fault actually). We will look at this.


I noticed that as well, I was looking at all the settings thinking power match had been turned off or was not working

I’m happy to report that the issue has been fixed with the latest update. Thanks Alex👊🏼

Funny, I did not even talk to my developer yet as he was so busy with others stuff. He reads forum posts maybe he did it on his own. He is traveling today and on semi-vacation for a while so I will have to ask him soon.

Strangely enough, it’s gone again! Maybe Mr Developer needs to have a look at it as you’ve suggested; but please don’t disrupt his holiday, Alex :wink: