Difference between paying on website vs in the app store

Hi, rode the forum FAQ and couldn´t find something similar explaining this.

When i subscribe Trainer day, i did it initially on the web, but later on throught the App. I did unsubscribe on the app, but not fully sure if it´s needed to be on both places and if it´s any difference between both?


Sorry you only need one subscription. It’s the same web or app. Email me at support@trainerday.com and I will fix this and give you credit or refund for your double payment. It’s usually cheaper to subscribe from the website so I suggest you first cancel the app store plan and then I can fix it. Also if you have website payments this is our store where app is Apple or Google store. We have no control over the app store so we can do more stuff when you subscribe from us (refunds for example).

Hi Alex,

thanks for the quick reply and for the missunderstanding, just sent you an email with my details. I think the problem comes from the app, as i was subscribed on the web, but the app was still showing that i was on the free subscription.



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