Do you have any progressive 3-day a week plans?

I translated this question from French (and created a French group) but will respond in English. This was from Kevin62.

Hi everyone (i’m french) I use the software for Home trainer Rouvy, I love following his virtual routes, however I would like to have a training plan for the month of January and prepare for the season on route Are there plans with only 3 sessions per week to progress? because I would like to do 3 sessions per week of a training plan and do 1 to 2 more sessions by following the routes proposed by rouvy thank you

Yes all our plans our “convertible.” Generally these are user contributed plans so I can’t necessarily make recommendations on these plans for you.

You can see for example this plan has a natural progression

But you can convert any plan we have to 3-days a week.

Step #1



After his response to clarify:

You can change all our plans from 4 or 5 days to 3 days. I have agreement from a few top coaches that changing a generic 5-day a week plan to a 3-day a week plan is completely fine and going to produce similar results but will just take longer to get the same results. I am saying this because a generic plan is not designed for you as an individual so you may do a little better on 3-days a week or may do a little worse. If the plan was designed by a good coach directly for you, then it changing it might be more likely to reduce the benefit (still probably slightly)