Does coach Jack will recommend a transition plan

Hi there, please let me know how I tell Coach Jack that I need a transition plan to slow down and when the season starts another transition plan to increase activity…

Slow down that includes some strength workout.

Thank you.

I love it. Someone talking about transition plans. Right now coach jack is just simple base and build blocks. Soon we will add multi-block event planning with base>build>peak but later I want to add more like annual training plan including transition and race or event blocks. I personally don’t know that much about what is the best training during a transition block other than a shift to more weight training. I think bike time can just be minimized or just go on fun rides. I can ask my pro-coach friend what he suggests for cycling during transition. He might have some skills based suggestions or plyometrics for example. Let me know if you want me to ask.


Thank you! I would like to know what the recommendation is of your pro-coach.
By my side I will work on one that I have in another place and load to Trainerday.

Ok I talked to my friend. His response was all the way from juniors to pro they all do a transition plan but all his riders are fairly consistent all year long.

In addition to weight training try some or a few of these.

“Run, swim, bike easy MTB, fun MTB skills work, some core, trx, yoga, Pilates… Ski … alpine or cross country. You can also do some road bike but for “fun”… for this reason I said mtb/gravel…” ~ coach Andrea

Which means stop your regular cycling training :slight_smile: Get off the trainer… :slight_smile: That said from a guy that sells indoor training software :+1:

Not sure if that helps. Sounds like you want different cycling workouts. Sorry I / Jack can’t provide that advice.


Ok, thank you!!

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