Don´t work in my Ipad :( (iOS 12.5.7 - No longer supported)

A few days ago, I bought an iPad Air with IOS 12.5.7 software installed, thinking I could install the Trainerday app. The App Store information states that it’s “compatible with this iPad.” I installed it, but the app doesn’t load. Can you tell me why? Thank you.

As discussed via email. I am truly sorry we did not update our compatibility recently when 12.5.7 stopped working. It was bad timing. I hope it works well on your phone.

My iPad Mini is running 12.5.7

I have the same issue that I am not able to use TD with my iPad. What is the plan to fix the compatibility issues? Thanks

The problem is this device is so old that Apple does not support it so normally we can run a simulator to see the issues but in this case we can’t. So sadly I think we are just going to have to say we don’t support below iOS 13. 4 users have contacted me so far.

@app4g Has an app that is partially integrated with TrainerDay that is similar to our app. His app supports 12.5.7. It’s called “Breakaway.”

I hate to send people away from TD and I love supporting people that are spending their money wisely but it seems the best solution at this point, or upgrade your devices. Apple stopped supporting these devices 4/5 years ago. We really tried to fix it but just can’t find the problem.

Again, sorry I don’t have a better answer.

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It’s actually “BreakAway: Indoor Training”, there’s another app of the same name(The BreakAway), so had to resort to using the full name to avoid confusion.

In terms of integration, yeah, it’s lacking though I would love to get it fully integrated with TD. Are there any new documentation on the endpoints for all these?

Tx For the shoutout!