Download Activities as .fit Files

It would be great to be able to download completed activities as .fit files.

I’m trying to use Zwift Power Analysis to compare my two power meters however, the tool only accepts .fit files and TrainerDay files are downloaded as a .tcx file. If anyone knows of a working .tcx to .fit file convertor, please let me know. TCX-Tools ( doesn’t have any and TCX Converter 2.0 Download (Free) - TCX Converter.exe ( didn’t work for me.


It’s interesting you ask this as I was just researching what this would involve and found a fairly easy way for us to do this (or it should be). I think I would start by just buiding a generic converter than could benefit more that just our app users but we could then extend it to our workout file download as well. I am on vacation now but let me research this more when I am back.

I also have not found a way to do this conversion.

Thanks @Alex, enjoy your holiday.

I’ve done TCX-FIT conversion with Golden Cheetah succesfully. It’s not a true convertor but it accepts TCX as input and you can export as FIT.

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@MedTechCD thanks, I will give it a try.

Thanks, I just used Golden Cheetah as you suggested, and it worked great :grinning: