Dumb trainer support?

I’ve recently come across your app (joys of lockdown) but only have a dumb fluid trainer (the annoyances of lockdown being lack of stock). I do however have a speed and cadence sensor. Both seem to connect to your app, which is great.

However in the app, I only get cadence showing. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the app screen displaying speed., or distance (which I’d assumed would also be clocked up). I saw elsewhere that perhaps speed/distance was just a feature of uploading to strava. However again, strava does not seem to have any speed/distance data.

Am I missing something?

(I know the sensors work, as I’ve trialed Zwift with the same setup, and it picks up both sensors to give me cadence/speed (and virtual power in the case of zwift)).

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been made yet for TrainerDay. The “virtual power” support isn’t yet a feature, but there is an open feature request found here: I would like virtual power. Will you add it? - #19 by Alex
I would make sure to click “Vote” at the top, and add any comments or suggestions there. TrainerDay is pretty good at listening to and working with requests for any features and this is definitely something they are working on

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