Dynamically adjust intervals for an outdoor workout


Developer/Architect, user of Golden Cheetah for many years, users of zwift for 3 years, big fan of trainer road (Especially their C# code and their SQL DB :wink: ) speaking here:

Dynamically adjust a workout to an outdoor ride. Outdoor, it’s not easy to adapt a workout, however few rides on the same path with recording of speeds + powers + the current ride being made, it’s possible to find where intervals can be done and move them if it was no possible. Like a live coach will do.

This is not done anywhere less, I know Trainerday is not really made to record anything outdoor yet, but there is a window here to live coaching. I’m even willing to help (I was thinking to quickly build an app for me to do that, but I don’t have enough time to dig once more into Android SDK, ADB…).


Funny AlexV, I am also AlexV. There is not too many of us :slight_smile: I am also a developer/architecht… :slight_smile: I would love to discuss more in detail what you are talking about. I believe I fully understand the problem you are discussing and I am very interested in this. I will send you a direct message.