Dynamically increasing the power load

Sometimes, to improve blood circulation in the seat or to accelerate strongly, you have to pedal while standing. On the trainer, this results in the fact that the load does not increase dynamically enough and it is impossible to maintain a standing position quickly.

Can you implement such a function that dynamically increases the set power so that you can maintain a relatively constant cadence in a standing position?

If I am understanding you correctly, yes this is what are slope and resistance modes are for. Meaning you pedal harder and faster and the resistance stays the same but the power goes up. You can design workouts that automatically switch to slope mode that are great for this.

This is not exactly what I mean. It’s just that my ass goes numb during a long training session when I sit on the saddle all the time. To remedy this, I have to pick it up from the saddle and to do this without interrupting training / driving I have to turn the pedals while standing. I don’t know how this driving position is named in English, so I’m trying to describe it.
When I do this, the power I generate on the pedals is very high and the trainer does not resist me. As a consequence, I spin the pedals faster and faster until I play my best, despite increasing the gear ratio to the maximum.

So I think I understand and I still think slope or resistance mode is the solution. You can just click the button to switch to resistance or slope before you stand press the + button at the bottom and when you stand up shift to harder gear. ERG mode will keep the same power while standing no matter how hard you drive so you can’t get a hard standing workout. Also you might need to shift to bigger gear so your trainer can provide enough resistance. This is not so easy to explain. You just have play around. Once you get it perfect manually, you can design workouts that do this automatically.

If English is part of the problem and you speak Polish, I could get one of the guys on the team to respond :slight_smile:

@Alex I think what he means is during a steady state workout, standing up and low power requirement is tough. I’ve made workouts in the past like this (see below): the “sprints” just provide high resistance so that during standing/low cadence the knees don’t blow out.

Yes thanks. Automatic slope mode is perfect for this scenario because you control the power with cadence and gearing. You have it switch to slope mode for a minute or so and during that period you sprint by feel.

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Yes, that’s more or less what I meant. Such an automatic slope could be triggered by a sudden increase in power where its acceleration and level of increase would be fixed set in configuration options.
I see that in the latest application release there is possibility to run manual slope mode. I did not noticed that it is possible to set maximum resistance for this mode. After turning it on in a fairly short time on my trainer (max power 1400w) I’m stuck.