Elite Novo Force 5 levels

Hi - i cannot find my trainer Elite Novo Force 5 levels on the power curve list (i use speed and cadence sensors with it) - can it be added or which Virtual Power curve from the existing list i shall use to have +/- correct readings.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, we can probably find a very similar power curve and we can also add it. Let me research a little later today and let you know. You can search google and find your power curve and search our forum for virtual power and find a PDF of our existing power curves if you want to move faster than I am :slight_smile:

i found this but cannot find simmilar on on the list

Even though this is a straight line I would say this is close enough that it is as accurate as needs to be. 40kph is about 500w and 17kph is about 200w.

You can safely ignore the non-linear part at speeds lower then 10kph, but with this curve you can only use the P5 level!

Seams like, but level 5 is to hard to maintain for me liking for a curve that would fit lev 2 or 3 Tacx Sirius lvl3 seams to fit